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iPhone Screen Protector

Cell phones have become a necessary part of one’s existence. Using the introduction of Apple’s iPhone in 2007, it's literally taken the world by storm. IPhones are utilized not just as phones but because cameras for stills and videos as well as for listening to music and as minicomputers having a multi-touch screen and a virtual keyboard. The iPhones are constructed with aluminosilicate glass both in the front and also the back and this is where the iPhone Screen Protector makes its presence felt.

Invisible Shield :
In 2005, whenever a person decided to safeguard his wristwatch from scratches and other alike damage, he hit upon the thought of using a durable but thin, clear film. This film had originally been utilized by the US military as a cover on the blades of helicopters for defense against damage at high-speed. Now, the use of this film to pay for electronic devices was seen by their innovator, who filed patents with this and thus the Invisible Shield was created.

Birth of Zagg : the benefits of this protective shield became popular and the first covering for that Apple iPod Nano was made in Sept 2005. This eventually resulted in the birth of Zagg Inc in July 2007. The acronym ZAGG could are a symbol of ‘Zealous About Great Things’ or maybe to state “when others zig, we Zagg”. The idea of a hidden shield caught on worldwide as well as in a few years more than 7 million of those were sold worldwide.

Options that come with the ZAGG iPhone Screen Protector

Prior to the time of INVISIBLE SHIELD, iPhones needed cases which were big and bulky. The best feature of this protective shield is it does not disfigure the looks of this beautiful device neither will it interfere with its functions.

Scratch Proof : This pre-cut SHIELD may be the ultimate in protecting a gadget against scratches. The fabric that used to protect helicopter blades from dust and dirt now covers the iPhone screen

Long-lasting : This SHIELD has self healing properties and it has an amazing resistance to any kind of scratches. Therefore, it features a warranty during the life of the gadget and also the promise of replacement if ever there's damage to it.

Easy Installation : Tutorials guide a person in installing the Invisible Shield iPhone Screen Protector to ensure that no air bubbles get caught inside it.

A microfiber cloth can also be included in the package to clean the iPhone screen to get rid of any dust or fingerprints that may be on it before sticking the protector.

Everything it now requires is aligning it exactly, beginning in the HOME button and making certain the ear piece cutaway fits perfectly.

The great thing here is that the cut-out at the top reaches the sides in order not to hinder the ambient sensor for light. You will find tabs marked ‘Step One’ and ‘Step 2’ to facilitate the peeling from the backing from the screen protector and putting it on. There is even a squeegee provided to remove any type of air bubbles that may happen to be trapped. Once this is done, the ultimate tab that says ‘Step 2’ can be taken off to complete the installation process.

Potential to deal with Dropping : the Zagg iPhone Screen Protector offers an improved grip on the phone, in order that it does not easily slip from the hand and get damaged inside a fall.

Reduction of Glare : There's a kind of “orange peel” finish to this screen protector which performs a dual duty. Firstly, it cuts down on the element of glare and secondly it minimises smudges from finger marks. The good thing about this is that it doesn't in any way reduce the clarity of viewing.

Assurance of Quality : there's a 45 day money back guarantee that backs purchasing this Zagg iPhone Screen Protector. The client is assured of a 100 % refund of the amount paid on screen protector if he is not totally pleased with it.

PROs and CONs of the ZAGG iPhone Screen Protector

The professionals of this item is that it protects the telephone from scratches, it is simple enough to install and it protects both front and as well as the back.

The disadvantages are the ‘orange peel effect’ which is very noticeable if it's left in the sun during summer once the shape does get somewhat distorted.

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