Monday, 17 June 2013

Dreamboard Lets You Customize Your IPhone

If you are an iPhone user , i  bet you are annoyed by the fact that you are not able to change or customize your theme like your friends who own an Android device. Apple may argue that this restriction makes the device more secure, but at the end of the day you its your experience with the device that matters. Well there is a way out, you can jail break your apple device ,Dreamboard IPhone Lets but its a risk and it voids your warranty. Check out this new app which lets you customize your jail broken phone in ways you never thought of.
Well assuming you have a jail broken iPhone, there is a Cydia app called DreamBoard which lets you create and customize your own apps. iPhone For Excellent You can even get apps which looks like other mobile OS. For say Endroid theme, you guessed it, it is designed to look like the Android device. There are a few windows themes too.

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