Monday, 29 July 2013

The New Bluetooth Headsets For Apple iPhone

Apple's first accessory for the iPhone is its minimalist Bluetooth headset. It's light, simple, and attractively designed, but also lacks features of comparably priced devices and fails to deliver the full potential of the iPhone.

Apple's iPhone Bluetooth Headset ($129.99 direct) is beautiful and elegant, and it represents another design triumph for the iconic technology company, at least physically. Sadly, the accessory falls short on phone features and, just like the iPhone itself, call quality.

The headset costs $129, which is near the high end of comparable headsets. It also includes an iPhone dual dock that charges both the headset and the iPhone, and a separate USB docking cable that can be used to charge both from a single USB when traveling. It does not include another wall AC adapter. Apple charges $50 for an iPhone dock and $30 for an extra headset charging USB cable, so having both included in the headset's box and price makes the price seem fair as a package.

Apple couldn't release its iPhone without also unveiling a new Bluetooth headset and a tweak to their iconic headphones now, could they? Keeping in line with Apple's minimalist design ethos, the Bluetooth headset appears from the side as a simple, thin, 2001-esque, black slab. smart bluetooth handset  It only has one button (on the top) and is apparently "incredibly small.

Shaped like a skinny black stick, the iPhone Bluetooth headset measures close to 50 by 12 by 5mm if you count the earpiece (It's about 3mm thick without the earpiece). The headset is also remarkably light at 6.5g, and we admit that we quite like its metal construction, glossy finish and smooth, clean lines. Certainly, it looks more like art than a simple headset.

Maybe part of the reason why the iPhone Bluetooth headset is so pricey is that it comes with its own iPhone charging dock plus a USB travel charger. The charging dock has two slots one for the iPhone, and one for the Bluetooth headset.

Similarly, the USB cable is designed with two slots as well. Pairing the headset with the iPhone couldn't be easier simply pop in both the iPhone and the headset into the dock, and voila, they are paired to each other. This is probably the easiest pairing process we've ever experienced.



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