Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Apple iPhone 6:Smaller, Faster And More Colourful?

Apple CEO Tim Cook has referred to "exciting new products" for 2014, ahead of his keynote to the WWDC conference for developers today. Olivia Goldhill looks at the most interesting predictions for the iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6).                            
Apple is considering launching iPhones with bigger screens, as well as a cheaper model in several colours, to compete with its rivals, sources claim.

The technology giant is looking at releasing several new models to compete with its rival Samsung.Apple has looked at two larger Apple iPhones 6 with 4.7inch and 5.7inch screens, while the cheaper phone would cost $99 (£63) and come in five to six colours, according to supply chain sources.

Apple’s application for a patent on image recognition was published in
 February, suggesting that iPhones and iPads could do away with pass-codes. Apple Iphone  
The system would work by showing a random picture of one of the owner’s
 contacts and asking for their name either from voice recognition or a 
touchscreen list.

iPhone has been distinctly monochrome but there are several pictures have been published online of gold and grey iPhone components. These colours seem unlikely given that Apple stopped production of its gold iPod mini in 2005 due to poor sales but Topeka analyst Brian White has also mentioned multiple colour options,

Apple’s focus for a obvious on design approval was published in February, suggesting that iPhones and iPads could do divided with pass-codes.The complement would work by display a pointless design of one of a owner’s contacts and seeking for their name possibly from voice approval or a touchscreen list.



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