Friday, 16 August 2013

Best Android Games That Kids Like

Best 2013 Android Games For Kids : Kids and Children are very curious about things and especially if they saw a phone or tablet in your hands then they will definitely want to grab it from you. but you can not let them play the stuff that is not good for them because of their age factor.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds has been the best Android Game since 2009. Angry Birds for Tablets and phones game is a complete family-friendly smash hit and number 1 paid Android app in more than 50 countries. Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs’ defenses! Across 240 addictive levels, you use your finger-activated slingshot to launch cartoon birds at their pig nemeses, which raise the stakes with each level by hiding inside progressively tougher-to-smash structures. When you beat the game, there are two other versions to love: the holiday-themed Angry Birds Seasons and a newer version, based on the animated movie Rio, which throws villainous monkeys into the mix.This is among faourite android games for kids.

Kids Connect the Dots

Intellijoy should be commended for their devotion to children’s learning apps. “Connect the Dots” is favorite amongst the many kids and really helped them learn to trace and count, their other games provide additional learning tools for young children. It teaches children to recognize and pronounce numbers and letters of the alphabet in a kid-friendly way.The free version has 25 puzzles while the paid app offers over 250 puzzles for $2.99.

Amazing Alex
Amazing Alex is based on puzzle/logic game that favors the teens over toddlers as it can be quite challenging. Being a tough mind game give your kid a challenge to increase memory with entertainment that kids love to play. The game often provides an opportunity for kids to play with the help required. The object of the game is to create different contraptions using only the parts provided to accomplish a simple task (like getting a ball into a basket). The free version is ad-supported but the HD version is ad free, which is recommended to try, to avoid in the scenario of handing the device over to a toddler. The HD version is $2.99

Toddler Tapping Zoo

You tap on the animal and it makes the animal noise. If you tap on the animal’s name, it speaks the name for the child to learn. Great for learning and very easy to use! The app costs $.99 and has 60 animals to learn about.Click for iron man anroid game apps.



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