Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tower Defense Game Tower Craft For iPhone And iPad

An evil spirit has poisoned the hearts of orcs, and driving its army to conquer the land of other races. Could you help the men, dwarves, elves and wizards fight against the army? Let’s go on checking the tower defense game Tower Craft.Tower Craft is a fantasy styled tower defense styled strategy game developed by Triniti Interactive, and available in two versions for iPhone and iPad. The iOS game features vibrant cartoonish game graphics, nice music and sound effects, simple touch controls and 2 game speed levels.
Fight against defeat as you face increasingly challenging waves of enemies in Tower Craft. Select an enemy, the higher their level, the more challenging the fight. As you level up you can select different enemies to fight against. Gain more gold as you kill more enemies, try to survive between building towers. The location of your towers will determine how successful your defensive attempt is. If more than five enemies get past your defense, you lose the battle. This number decreasing as you progress. The sources of enemies and number of entry points increases as levels progress. Beat all the levels against all the enemies to beat the game.

If you are a fan of classic tower defense games that will test your strategy skills then definitely give Tower craft a go.  You get to build several different types of towers to defend you map from the advancing creeps. You can also choose which type of enemy creeps you want to defend against.

Tower Craft is the ultimate TD game where you one and only goal is to save your castle from all invading enemies! Read more details for Tower Craft.Tower Craft is the ultimate TD game where you one and only goal is to save your castle from all invading enemies!Best For i-phones Protect your castle and prevent hordes of boars, skeletons, zombies, elite fighters, sorcerers, royal army and even the emperor himself! Total of 30 challenging maps along with 8 types of enemies are awaiting for you!



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