Saturday, 17 August 2013

How to Move Apps to SD Card on Android Smartphone

Usually, Google Android OS based smartphones in India have 2 GB to 16 GB/32 GB on-board storage.After installing about 20-30 apps, the phone usually start to slow down. To fix this, the best option is to move the installed applications to the SD card storage

This tip will hopefully help you fix this issue. Unfortunately, you can’t really add more internal storage to your device and fix this, but you can move some apps and their data out of the internal storage to your SD card, for example! The good news is that if you’re using Android past 2.3, you already have a pretty handy built-in solution to fix this, and Android does it pretty well. Here’s how to work with it

This is an inevitable problem faced by most Android Smartphone users. You can make more space to install your apps by deleting the stock apps that came with the device when you purchased it (most of which will definitely be useless). But in most cases you will have to root your phone to uninstall these ‘bloatwares’ and in the process you will void the warranty of your device. An alternate option is to set the install location of the apps to your SD card.

Looks like we have to wait for the udpate to be pushed out, but once it is, we will be able to move our apps to the SD card again. android phone At least Samsung made good on their promise to help with the storage problem!!! 16GB should now not be a problem!

The reason Google got rid of it was stability and customers complaining apps did not work, either by using cheap cards, or swapping a card out. The carriers pushed for the change and Android happily obliged (per their own forum, they were going to anyway).For most people, this change will be fine, but for others it is still a net loss of 15gb of storage, compared to a 32gb model.

So what should a user do when Android phone is running out of internal memory? Uninstalling rarely used apps is an obvious and easiest solution. Moving apps that support Froyo’s apps2sd feature to SD card is another option. However, for this feature to work developers need to enable apps2sd in their apps and unfortunately many large apps still do not support it.



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