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Freecharge Android App Review

Freecharge android app is available for free of cost. Best thing about the app is it does not display any kind of ads. When you initially run the app, it asks you can either login or create a new account. You may also login via your Facebook and Google account. If you do not have freecharge account, you can create new account.

Once you are in your account, it lands towards the quick recharge screen. Here, you can easily enter the mobile number, select operator and go into the recharge amount. Interface from the app is simple and clean. App is user-friendly and smooth. It depends on your internet connection. If your connection is slow, it may lag. This default screen is perfect for pre-paid. At top, you can see tabs for postpaid, DTH and knowledge card. You can select the respective tabs according to your need. You can either click on tabs or swipe left or right to navigate through tabs.

Getting Started

The Freecharge app is available on the Google Play Store which is quite light in size at mere 2.2 MB. Once, you’ve installed the app in your phone. You’ll be first come to the login screen. You may either choose to use your Google account to sign into Freecharge or you can go ahead and login with your Facebook account. You can also create a new account with another email id you need to register with Freecharge.

Once you login to Freecharge, you’ll be taken straight to the main page, from where you can recharge your prepaid number, DTH, data card and pay your postpaid bills.

User Interface and Features

The user interface from the Freecharge app is pretty simple and in line with Android’s UI design. The main page from the app features four swipeable tabs: Prepaid, Postpaid, DTH and Datacard, which allow you to recharge your prepaid account, pay your postpaid bills, recharge your DTH account and knowledge card respectively.

Swiping for your left on the prepaid tab brings the menu consisting of Home, My Recharges, My Credits, About, Support, Feedback as well as an option to sign out of your account. My Recharges, because the name suggests shows you your previous transactions. My Credits show you if you have any Freecharge credits. You can also go ahead and add credits here by paying or a Freefund code, if you have one. Remaining options are pretty much self explanatory.

The recharging process is fairly simple and easy. Once you enter your prepaid number, the app will easily detect your operator and you can enter the amount you need to fill up your number with. You may also check the tariff plans out of your operator. After you’re done, you are able to hit “Recharge Mobile”, which will take you towards the coupons available. There are various coupons for Books, Food, Entertainment, Electronics, Clothing and Care. You can select the coupons you want or skip them and continue.

You'll be taken to the Review & Pay page, where one can either pay through Freecharge credits, FreeFund/Promo code or from your bank. You can pay using your Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking. You may also save your cards for speedy future transactions. In case your transaction fails to go through for some reason and you’ve been charged, you'll be credited through Freecharge credits.



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