Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Different Ways To Add Friends On WeChat

When WeChat social app hit the Android market, no one knew the power of synchronising networks offering free cross platform in just one app. What WeChat offers is the experience of sharing in a whole new way mimicking the famous social networks in a totally convincing environment with free cross-platform individual and group messaging with text, voice notes, images, videos, location data, and more.

Different ways to add friends

One way of adding friends is by using Social -> Add contacts in WeChat app.

No more options asking you add friends and filling in their details .You can easily add your friends from your Phone contacts, Face Book lists and even find new ones using two innovative ways.

Apart from the known methods of adding friends through Mobile contacts, the other features include

Face Book Integration:

There is no social pages/app in the Internet pool without FB. This app also contains a Face book integration button which can be used to connect with our Face Book friends .

Add by ID :

Using this method you can connect with other Wechat member using their profile ID or phone number

Scan QR code :

This is a two-dimensional matrix Barcode  readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and other smart phones. Your profile is offered a unique QR codes which can be used to track your WeChat ID. Also, when used externally in website and blog, your readers/friends can just scan the QR code using a bar scanner and then connect with you.

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